【EXOTIC FOOD:エキゾチックな食べ物】今日のレッスン

今日のTopicはExotic food






・exotic (adj.):めずらしい、風変わりな、異国風の、エキゾチックな
・starfish (n.):ヒトデ
・scorpion (n.):蠍
・cricket (n.):コオロギ
・grasshopper (n.):イナゴ、バッタ系
・bat (n.):コウモリ
・weird (adj.):不気味な、奇妙な
・regard A as B (v.):AをBとみなす、考える
・bizarre (adj.):風変わりな(≒unusual)
・disgusting (adj.):受け入れがたい、気分が悪くなりそうな(≒dislike)


・What are the good benefits these insects?
・What’s not eating in Japan?
・What’s the weirdest food in the world?
・What are some exotic foods that you have tried and find disgusting?


What are some exotic that you have tried and find disgusting?の時に、小さいころにトライした、踊り食いのことを話したかったのですが、難しかった。




Grit: The power of passion and perseverance 4/1

The speaker realized IQ scores weren’t involved in success when she was a teacher, and she wondered what is needed to achieve a long-term goal. 
She mentioned the most important thing is grit. It is perseverance.
And People are much more likely to be more persevere when they fail.

The secrets of learning a new language 4/2

This video is about how polyglots learn languages.
The speaker is a polyglot, and she realized what we have in common is that we simply found ways to enjoy the language-learning process.
In her opinion, if you want to become a polyglot, you need to apply three principles. 
The first one is enjoyment, as mentioned before. The second one is effective methods such as space repetition. 
Finally, it’s to create a system in your life.
And she also said if you want to learn a language fluently, you need a bit of patience too, although if you find ways to enjoy the learning systems, you can become a polyglot within months, not years.

Try something new for 30 days 4/4

This is a short movie in 3 minutes.
He talked about challenges for 30 days. If you try to do something new things for 30 days, you can get a more memorable time each day, and you can emphasize more self-confidence. 
In the last scene, he said to the audience what are you waiting for?. 
It means he suggested that you should try something that you’ve wanted for a long time before wasting your life.