endangered speciesを守るために必要なのは?

I think the most effective is humans don’t act.

Or humans give up developing the science.

But we want to convenient the world, so it’s difficult to keep the balance.

except food, animalsは必要だと思う?

I think we need animals to keep the balance of the world.


To decrease stress, improve heart health, protect animals


・ancestor (n.):祖先
・from time to time:時々
・evolution (n.):進化
・prosperity (n.):繁栄、成功
・ecosystem (n.):生態系
・planet (n.):惑星、地球
・environment (n.):環境
・virus (n.):ウイルス
・feather (n.):羽毛
・leash (n.):犬などをつなぐ綱(≒lead,rope)
・temperament (n.):気質、気性
・startled (adj.):驚いた、びっくりした
・obedience (n.):従順さ
・ought to do (助動詞):…すべきである(≒should)
・misconception (n.):誤解(≒misunderstanding)
・filthy (adj.):汚い、不潔な(≒dirty)
・piggy (n.):子豚


I joined Twitter’s SPACE as listener this morning, and I studied grammar and speaking English by using a text book (英語のハノン).
And then, I took the trial of the TOEIC examination. The traial test was hard for me. I lost concentration because of too long. So I have to get a high concentration until TOEIC. I’ll take the TOEIC in 19 days. I think I don’t have enough time.
Anyway, recently, I realized my English writing became faster than before. I’m writing in my diary since 26 September. At that time, I took about one hour 3 sentences. But now, I can write a diary within 15 minutes to over 10 sentences.
I’m not good at grammar yet, but I’m happy.

明日はBONIFACIO’S DAYというフィリピンの祝日のため、レッスンはお休みです~