今週のTopicはOur Carbon Footprint (Unit6)


・showers:a short period of rain or snow
・downpour:a heavy rain
・gloomy:making you feel that things will not improve
・overcast:coverd with clouds, not bright

・polar ice:(n.)南北両極地の氷で覆われた地域
・glacier:a large piece of slowly moving ice (on the land)
・deforestation:cutting down forests
・endangered:to be in danger
・extinct:when a species die out
・conservation:protecting the environment

・heatwave:a period of unusually hot weather, especially one that continues for a long time⇔ cold spell

・concentrated and salty:濃縮してしょっぱい

・carbon footprint:a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by the activities of a person or company (*carbon dioxideとは違うから注意)


・to offset:(v.)…を相殺する、to reduce

・dust storm:(n.)砂嵐
・bush fire:(n.)森林火災

・shoreline:(n.)the edge of the sea, ocean meets with the land
・entrepreneur:(n.)someone who starts something
・biodegradable:(adj.)able to decay naturally without haeming the environment

・hide and seek:かくれんぼ
・What if…:… したらどうなるか
・suburb:(n.)郊外、outside the centre of a city
・cope with:manage, to deal successfully with something

Linking Words

despite this, although, however

also, what is more, besides

for this reason, therefore, as a result

面白かったspeaking part

・Imagine that you are all victims of a natural disaster but only 3 of you will be able to be saved by the helicopter. Choose which 3 people should be saved and give reasons why.

・Reserch quickly, and tell your classmates about this organisation.①where and when was it founded?②what is its main purpose?③where does the organisation get money from?④describe  a specific natural disaster that this organisation helped with.

今週のGrammar Point

Active and Passive voice

passive voiceを使うとき
・everyone knows

・S+V+to be done
・by someoneは基本的にいらない(書いても間違いじゃないけど…)

Second Conditional

If+past, S+would/could/might+do something.
→unlikely, chance is a very low, imaginative situation, almost impossible

If he was younger, he would go there.間違いではないけど、if he were youngerのほうが良い。テストの時とか、formalに話すときはwereを使うのが無難。



・get used to doingを使って伝わらなかったときの言い換えがわからなかった
→get used to doing is to become familiar with someone or something

carbon footprint を減らす目的があるって書きたかったけど、もしかしたら説明不足で伝わらない感じになったかも。手書きだと何文字書いたかの感覚がないのも書きにくいと感じた要因の一つかな。あとはテストのあとのピクニック準備が気になってちょっと集中できなかった。

多分もっと英作文して喋った方が良い。喋るときに、文章組み立てるのがめんどくさくなって、単語だけとか、すごいbroken Englishで押してしまうときがある。