【idioms related to food items】今日のレッスン


a group of words expressions having a specific meaning

idiom related to food items 

a piece of cake=it is very easy
ex.) Writing is a piece of cake for her.(彼女にとって書くことはとっても簡単)

cup of tea=hobby or something like
ex.) Soccer is my cup of tea.(サッカーは僕が好きなもの)

In a nutshell=In short, brief
ex.) In a nutshell, she is the best.(要約すると彼女が最高)

bread and butter=a person’s livelihood source of income(≒job)
ex.) They depend on you for their bread and butter.(生活のためにあなたを頼っている)
ex.) My bread and butter is a nursing.(私の仕事は看護です)

go bananas=happy, excited and mad
ex.) I went bananas when I heard about the good news.(良いニュースを聞いたとき私は喜んだ)

use your noodles=use your brain
ex.) Learning English is so tough, so I need to use my noodles.(英語の勉強は難しいので、頭を使う必要がある)

spill the beans=reveal or say something
ex.) I will spill the beans.(話すつもり)


・vice versa:(adv.)逆もまた同様に


・Do you have a table for three?

・This place is very cozy.

・I would like to order…

・What else do you suggest?

・I prefer a cup of jasmine tea. Is this available?

・That’s it. Thank you.


I went for a drink with my ex-coworker yesterday and went to bed later, so I’m still sleepy a little.

I can not easily speak up in this morning. I think both my voice and my brain don’t yet work well.