・spectacular (adj.):目を見張るような、素晴らしい(breathtaking)
・prosperity (n.):繁栄、成功
・indigo (n.):藍色
・sky blue (n.):水色
・black sheep (n.):厄介者
a person who has done something bad that brings embarrassment or shame to his or his family

Common meaning

energy, passion, love, denger

positivity, happiness, curiosity

nature, health, prosperity

trust, success, power

death, mysterious, strong

fantasy, spirituality



Why the secret to success is setting the right goals 4/17

The speaker talks about the reason why some leaders and institutions fail.

It’s because they are taking the wrong objectives.

So he suggests using OKR.

OKR is the acronym for Objective and Key Results.

At first, we wonder if the objective is a compelling sense of why and if there are significant, action-oriented, inspiring, and concrete.

When it comes to good key results, these are specific and time-bound, aggressive yet realistic, and measurable and verifiable, such as things that you can answer yes or no.

He believes that if you use OKR, you can get back on the right track. And it can apply not only to businesses but also family, schools, and even governments.

The hidden power of smiling 4/20

He, the speaker as the health care entrepreneur, talks about the power of smiling in several studies.

We smile to express joy and satisfaction.

And smiling is contagious, reduces your stress, and helps you live longer.

So if you want a healthier life, you should smile.

How your brain’s executive function works- and how to improve it 4/23

The speaker, as a cognitive scientist, talks about executive function.

Executive function is the ability to consciously control thoughts, emotions, and actions to achieve goals.

It is familiar that you plan to stop at the store on the way home from work, and then drive all the way home instead on autopilot. 

It the called absentmindedness, but that happening is that you’re experiencing a lapse in executive function.

When it comes to brain training, she thinks it won’t improve your executive function in practical situations because it involves exercising it narrowly, outside of the real-world contexts in which we use it.

Executive function is influenced by context.

So if you want to improve your executive function, you need to understand how context shapes your behavior and how you can use that knowledge to change for the better.